Welcome to Rocket City

Come for the show – see a whole lot more. Your visit to The Orion is a visit to Huntsville, a community full of Southern charm and hospitality with an ever-growing history of innovation and creativity. Nicknamed ‘The Rocket City’, Huntsville has played an important role in space exploration technology since the 1950s, and continues to play a part in U.S. space missions. In name and in spirit, The Orion proudly pays homage to this story.

The city, which sprawls at the foot of Chapman Mountain in North Alabama, truly represents the past and present coming together to make an inclusive, innovative future. From the rich, historic architecture that lines its neighborhoods to the progressive, rapidly-growing industries in biotech, aerospace and defense (not to mention a hand in American music history from soul to rock’n’roll) no community has adapted over the years quite like Huntsville. However long your stay, know you’ll be welcome.