About The Orion Amphitheater

The Orion Amphitheater marks a bold new chapter in our region's unparalleled musical history.  An 8,000 capacity destination venue built by the people of Huntsville, for the people of Huntsville.

"More than an amphitheater, this facility will help us grow our music and culture economy. It will allow us to become a community of curators, where we can develop our own creative content that is unique to Huntsville that we can share globally. In addition to arts festivals, markets, and world-famous musicians, we’ll be able to incubate our own talent, showing that our next great entrepreneurs don’t all have to be in space and missile defense." - Tommy Battle, Mayor Of Huntsville

Part of a storied musical history.

With its proximity to the iconic Muscle Shoals Sound Studio, Huntsville enjoys its status as part of the Americana Music Triangle, known for its cultural achievement as the birthplace of one of our country's greatest exports, music - particularly blues, soul and rock'n'roll.

We will go beyond music, providing cultural experiences throughout the year - including farmer's markets, art displays and educational events, plus opportunities for local businesses and government to stage large-scale gatherings.

Staging the future of Huntsville

As a key part of Mayor Battle's "State of the City" address in Dec. 2018, The Orion Amphitheater will play a vital role in shaping its future. It aims to help nurture Huntsville's community, improve its residents' quality of life, and build on the city's world renown through its enduring musical legacy.

“The success of the venue will rely heavily on an open relationship with the people of Huntsville and anticipate that it will be this knowledge, assistance, energy and passion that will both drive the venue forward and be paramount to it delivering a vital new part of the city’s landscape and 100’s of new jobs to the area.” - Ben Lovett, tvg hospitality CEO